Professional Raccoon Trapping Services

Comprehensive Raccoon Removal Overview

At Birdman Pest & Animal Control, we specialize in professional raccoon trapping services, offering safe and effective solutions tailored to address the specific needs of both residential and commercial properties. Our experts are trained to handle raccoon infestations with the utmost care, ensuring that all interventions comply with local wildlife removal standards and laws.

Why Choose Our Raccoon Trapping Services?

Safe and Humane Trapping Methods

We use the latest trapping technologies and strategies that are humane and designed to minimize stress and harm to the animals. Our team is well-versed in the best practices of wildlife control, ensuring that all raccoon removals are conducted ethically and legally, making us the specialists in raccoon control.

Tailored Solutions for Every Situation

Understanding that every raccoon problem is unique, we provide customized trapping plans based on a thorough assessment of your property. This tailored approach helps ensure the highest chance of success in removing raccoons and preventing future invasions.

Long-Term Exclusion and Prevention

After the successful removal of raccoons, our services don’t just stop. We offer comprehensive exclusion solutions to seal potential entry points and advise on best practices for deterring future wildlife issues. Our goal is to keep your property raccoon-free for the long term.

Two raccoons captured and relocated humanely by Birdman Pest and Animal Control Services.

Our Raccoon Trapping Process


The process begins with a detailed assessment of your property to identify signs of raccoon activity and potential entry points, crucial for successful raccoon removal and control. This initial consultation helps us understand the scope of the problem and tailor our approach accordingly.


Using strategically placed traps and baits, we effectively capture raccoons without causing disruption to your daily activities, showcasing our efficient raccoon removal service. Our technicians are trained to set up and monitor traps, ensuring that raccoons are captured quickly and humanely, demonstrating our commitment to effective wildlife control.


Once raccoons are removed, our team conducts a follow-up to ensure no new activity occurs. We then implement preventive measures, such as sealing off entry points and providing recommendations for maintaining a secure environment.

FAQs About Raccoon Trapping

What are some signs that indicate I have raccoons around my home?

Raccoons can leave behind droppings, damage to your property like overturned trash cans, and paw prints near your garbage. They are mostly active at night, which is when you might hear them moving around.

Raccoons can leave behind droppings, damage to your property like overturned trash cans, and paw prints near your garbage. They are mostly active at night, which is when you might hear them moving around.

It’s best to contact a wildlife specialist or professional raccoon removal company to handle the removal process. They have the expertise and tools to ensure the raccoons are removed safely and humanely without causing harm to the animals.

When it comes to trapping raccoons, it’s important to use humane trapping methods to protect the animal. Make sure to secure the trap properly and check it regularly to ensure you don’t inadvertently trap other wildlife.

There are various types of traps available, including live traps and one-way exclusion doors. It’s essential to select a trap that is appropriate for the size of the raccoons in your area and to place it strategically near entry points to increase the chances of capturing them.

To control raccoons from entering your property, you should seal off potential entry points such as soffits, vents, and crawlspaces. Additionally, keep your surroundings clean to reduce attractants like food sources.

Raccoons are often drawn to accessible food sources, water, and shelter. Common attractants include pet food, garbage cans, and attics or crawl spaces that provide warm, quiet nesting spots.

Signs of a raccoon infestation include noises such as scratching or thumping from the attic or chimney, damage to the exterior of your home, overturned garbage cans, and raccoon tracks.

Yes, our trapping methods are designed to be as safe and stress-free as possible for the animals. We adhere to local wildlife laws that mandate humane trapping and relocation practices.

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